Notice: June Group Conscience Meeting

Matters to be addressed:

  1. Create a Harbor Group YouTube channel for access to Harbor Group’s recorded speakers.  For anonymity, the video portion will be a still image-no video.  The speaker will be identified by first name and last initial only.  The speaker will be given the option of sharing publicly or unlisted, which means the recording link could be shared, but not appear publicly.  The speaker would, also, have the option of opting out entirely.  Additionally, all ads and comments will be turned off.
  2. To address a concern regarding the need for privacy on the Zoom meetings, particularly with those who listen in a public space or openly share the meetings with nonmembers around, including family members not in the AA program.  The proposal is to add one sentence to the introduction of the Zoom meetings as follows:  “Please respect the anonymity of others by listening, watching, and sharing in a private space.”